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Airport Economic Impact Study

Critical infrastructure improvements at your airport are funded largely by local, state, and federal government agencies grants, which are determined in part by your airport’s economic impact.

We need airport tenants and users to complete impact surveys to help us quantify your airport’s true economic impact.

This will help your airport attract funding and public support. Researchers at N.C. State University’s Institute for Transportation Research & Education (ITRE) conduct this survey for the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation, which plans for and administers grant funding to the state’s 72 public airports. We use real data gathered from airport managers, tenants, and users to convey the important economic role your airport plays in your community’s well-being.

That includes: Direct impacts – jobs and tax revenues created by firms directly engaged in moving people and goods through airports; Indirect impacts – spending by airport-related firms
on products and services; and Induced impacts – payroll expenditures by employees of directly and indirectly related firms.

Complete the survey online: